Residents Are Moving Out !

Illinois saw another round of massive layoffs in July, totaling 956 jobs from various sectors including 50 from manufacturing.


While 571 of the layoffs occurred in Cook County, the numbers reflect a state economy that is still struggling to recover from the recession that hit the nation in 2008. Dawn Abernathy, Republican candidate for the 59th District State House seat, urges leaders in Springfield to find a solution or else there won’t be anything left to recover.

“If there aren’t economic reforms soon, we are not going to have any employed residents left in the state to pay taxes,” Abernathy said. “The more businesses that leave, the more residents follow. These are good-paying jobs that are being relocated to neighboring states.”

Abernathy said the environment has not been conducive to fostering businesses and jobs, leading employers to relocate to other states.

“High corporate franchise taxes, workman’s compensation rates and high property taxes are seeing manufacturing jobs move to more business-friendly states,” Abernathy said. “We have to change the way we have been conducting business. Status quo just doesn’t cut it anymore. We need to incentivize businesses to come to Illinois, bring in the jobs and families with it. We have a highly educated workforce, just no jobs for them."

The job losses come at a time when residents in the state are facing what the Pew Charitable Trust describes as the worst personal-income recovery in the Midwest and second worst in the nation. According to the Pew study, the state has seen growth at a rate of only 0.7 percent since the recession began. Only Nevada fared worse.

This slow recovery has caused an exodus of residents further fueled by high taxes and debt, Abernathy said.


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