Dawn Abernathy: Standing Up for Us

Dawn Abernathy calls on Springfield legislators to return to Springfield and do their job.

“It is completely unacceptable," Abernathy said. "The State of Illinois has no budget, programs are getting cut and our speaker of the House, Mike Madigan, will not call a session until April? Crazy.” Abernathy wrote on her Facebook page. “House members are paid over $67,000 a year in taxpayer dollars; they are scheduled to work January-May. We need new leadership. Carol Sente's first vote of every session has been for Mike Madigan. She continues to vote for the man that funds her campaign. I promise to never vote for him to be speaker of the House. We need people that will work to get a balanced budget, spending reforms and bring jobs back to Illinois."

Dawn continued:

"Where are all the Democrats? Where is Carol Sente? Why isn't she in Springfield working on a budget? She says she is independent, yet Mike Madigan doesn't want to work, so she has to do what he says," Abernathy said. "Not really independent."

You can read all of Dawn's comments here.

Then join our team and stand up for the interests of our community.

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