Candidate Dawn Abernathy Calls On Representative Carol Sente to Act

MUNDELEIN, IL - Frank Mautino was appointed to a ten-year term be the Illinois State Auditor General in October of last year and began his official duties January 1st, of 2016. His primary job is to ensure state funds are spent legally.  That position requires neutrality as it relates to politics but it also should be a position that demands a personal record that is fully vetted and compliant with all laws to ensure the highest level of trust.

With the failure to respond to questions amidst the ongoing federal and state investigations; Representative Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) has filed a House Joint Resolution aimed at removing Mautino from office, having the support of 20 co-sponsors. Frank Mautino refuses to answer even the most basic questions about his campaign spending. I call on Frank Mautino to resign from the office of Auditor General.

“We need new independent leadership in Springfield. Carol Sente has had the opportunity to stand up for our families and bring accountability to Springfield for seven years. Instead she stood with Mike Madigan and voted to give Madigan’s top lieutenant a 10-year job with a guaranteed salary of $152,000. Now, even with a federal investigation into Mautino’s campaign spending, my opponent refuses to act. Every time there has been an opportunity to demonstrate independent leadership, Carol Sente has fallen in line and protected the insiders.”

I am going to Springfield to take on the political system that is aligned against our interests. That means removing from government individuals who have proven that they view the State as their personal piggy bank rather than a compassionate provider of government services. In light of the recent campaign spending scandals involving Congressmen of both parties, and Illinois’ long history of corruption, Frank Mautino should resign his post as Auditor General. Carol Sente voted for Mautino and has refused to demand transparency from him. I’m running for office to bring accountability to government. That includes selecting an individual our families can trust to oversee the State’s books instead of picking another insider.

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